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Bioassay Researcher
Bioassay Researcher Discussed personally 元
Education: Master or above 丨 Work Location: Dongguan / Shanghai
Description of position:

Main duty

-Develop cell-based functional assays for screening of antibodies for internalization, receptor degradation, and functional receptor-ligand blockade

-Design and develop functional cell-based screening assays for bispecific antibodies

-Generate engineered cell lines via transfection or viral transduction, characterize cell surface expression by flow cytometry

-Perform a variety of assays including high content screening, immunoblotting, in-cell westerns, flow cytometry

-Characterize antibodies in primary cell-based assays to evaluate effector function, cytokine release and proliferation

-Isolate PBMC and immune cell subsets from human blood samples; characterize cell surface expression by multicolor flow cytometry

-Analyze data, trouble-shoot experiments, prepare summary slides and present to cross-functional teams



-B.S./ biochemistry or cell biology with 0-5 years related experience

-Experience with relevant platforms: luminescence, spectrophotometric, AlphaLisa, cell culture, liquid handling systems

-Experience in design, development, and execution of assays for large molecule drug development .

-Experience in Bioassays (e.g. neutralizing antibody, phosphorylation, caspase, cytotoxicity, ADCC, reporter expression, cell proliferation) in a regulated medical/research lab desired.

-Experience in Immunoassays in multiple platforms (e.g. ELISA, MSD, TRF, SPR)

-Software applications PLA 3.0, GraphPad Prism, Office, JMP

-Self-directed and motivated: Individual who is able to work effectively in a complex, fast-paced environment.




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