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Head of Antibody Engineering Platform
Head of Antibody Engineering Platform Discussed personally 元
Education: PhD 丨 Work Location: Shanghai
Description of position:

Main duty

-Responsible for engineering transformation of candidate antibodies to improve the drug-forming properties of antibodies;
-Cooperate with the project leader, analyze the sequence and structure of a series of lead antibodies, and give decision-making suggestions in order to select the candidate antibody with the best drug-forming ability;
-Responsible for the humanization and affinity maturation of candidate antibodies;
-Responsible for the structural design and optimization of the company's dual / multifunctional antibody;
-Collaborate with other teams including biological activity and physical and chemical analysis to evaluate the structure and function of the designed antibodies;



-Doctor degree in bioinformatics, immunology, cell biology, molecular biology, protein / antibody engineering or closely related fields with more than 5 years of relevant industry experience.
-In-depth understanding of antibody structure and function, rich experience in antibody engineering and structural optimization, and experience in in vitro antibody discovery and display technology (eg phage, yeast display) is preferred;
-Responsible for the humanization of antibodies, drug analysis and optimization, bifunctional antibody design in multiple projects, and has the successful experience of advancing projects to CMC or IND.
-Proficient in at least one software such as MOE, schrodinger, Rosetta and DS.
-Excellent organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.



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